Twice i have had summer loves that came to an end or a temporary end when summer was over.

Each time, despite the differing circumstances, i have known it was probably not the end. I have also felt horribly apathetic and numb.

Every time i must say goodbye to a man I don’t want to let go of, my body shuts down. I feel nothing. Yet i know it’s only because it’s trying to mend the broken parts.

Relations of power are not in themselves forms of repression. But what happens is that, in society, in most societies, organizations are created to freeze the relations of power, hold those relations in a state of asymmetry, so that a certain number of persons get an advantage, socially, economically, politically, institutionally, etc. And this totally freezes the situation. That’s what one calls power in the strict sense of the term: it’s a specific type of power relation that has been institutionalized, frozen, immobilized, to the profit of some and to the detriment of others.

Michel Foucault, “An Interview With Michel Foucault Conducted by Michael Bess” (via theneuralitch)

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